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Hilpert Tonstudiotechnik has been set up because of the take-over of the AEG department professional audio tape recorders in Hamburg in 1995 and run a service workshop for sound studio technical equipment and products.

We make maintenances and repairs in our workshop and on the spot. We sell new equipment, second-hand equipment, accessories and spare parts for the sound studio technical area. For some of the products we offer an equipment- rent service. An extensive technical information and consultation is a very important part of our offer.

As the official successor of the AEG department professional tape recorders we are specialized in the area of analog audio tape technology. As contract workshop of the former STUDER GERMANY GmbH we are specialized in the products of STUDER / REVOX additional.

Many german and international broadcasting companies and radio stations, as well as theaters and sound studios belong to our customers. User with special equipment requirements, for example archival and digitalization tasks are also our customers.We have also increasingly private users of old professional studio equipment as our customer.









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