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10 years Hilpert Tonstudiotechnik, 10 years analog magnetic tape recorder

10 years ago, on 11-1-1995, AEG has closed the service department professional tape recorder in Hamburg. I have taken over this department and continued the business as a former employee of this service department in Hamburg.
The central business activities, the service of AEG/TELEFUNKEN analog professional tape recorder and the activity as service partner of Studer Germany, we have continued further.

In the second half of the nineties the field of professional digital audio technology has made great progress and forced analog magnetic tape technology back strongly. Many companies have retired of analog magnetic tape technology. The continuation of the business field, as also in my case, was frequently transferred to small companies to make an economic continuation possible.

In the course of the years of our activity all divisions of AEG/TELEFUNKEN professional tape recorder have concentrated in my company. In 1997 we have taken over the spare part production because AEG in Konstanz has stopped the spare part production for the professional tape recorders. In 1998 we also have taken over the official spare part sale because Studer Germany has stopped all activities in the division AEG/TELEFUNKEN tape recorders (Studer Germany had the selling rights for AEG/TELEFUNKEN professional tape recorders since 1989).

Analog tape technology only has a niche existence among the professional users in 2005. The digital technique has control of the audio scene. But not all digital is also good. And not all good things of yesterday are already bad today. The analog - users of today are commercial users which one prefer a hardware tape recorder to a software plugin named "tape simulation", are the analog - users in the past which still have great archives, and not least the private tape enthusiasts which can use today what was good and (too) expensive yesterday.

I would like to thank all my customers of yesterday and today for your confidence and the good cooperation today. I would like to assure my customers of tomorrow a best possible service support for an old technology also for the future.

Kai Hilpert

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