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On 4-1-1989, the company AEG-Olympia has the product line of professional studio tape recorder sold to the company Studer. As of now the sale of the products was managed by Studer Germany. However, the production of the spare parts was made by the AEG company in Konstanz. The produkt service was a cooperative of the AEG service department in Hamburg and Studer Germany.

On 11-1-1995, AEG has closed the service department professional tape recorder in Hamburg. I have taken over this department and continued the business as a former employee of this service department in Hamburg.

In 1997 AEG in Konstanz has stopped the spare part production for the professional tape recorders. To guarantee the availability of the spare parts we also have taken over the spare part production.

In 1998 we also have taken over the official spare part sale because Studer Germany has stopped all activities in the division AEG/TELEFUNKEN tape recorders. The purpose of this take over is to combine all service activities within one competent company to ensure long term availability of spare parts for this equipment.

Since 2004 we brought our activities into line of the current magnetic tape business. In the consequence there will be impairments at the handling times and the delivery times. In the consequence of this restrictions we will guarantee largely the principle availability of our performances in the area of magnetic tape recorder. Particularly we guarantee the availability for the most spare parts of the AEG/Telefunken Tape Recorder.

In 2008 we have taken the brand rights for the brand name "magnetonphon" and furthermore for the AEG/Telefunken - tape recorder secured.

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