M15 / M15A

The delivery time for second-hand, general maintenanced tape recorder M15 or M15A is at least 10 weeks at the moment.


We have the brand rights for the brand name "magnetonphon" taken and furthermore for the AEG/Telefunken - tape recorder secured.

Our Service in future

To guarantee the availability of the service of magnetic tape recorder we brought our activities into line of the current magnetic tape business. In the consequence there will be impairments at the handling times and the delivery times. Also restrictions at our office hours (at the moment approx. 17:00 - 19:00 h) are unfortunately not avoid. In the consequence of this restrictions we will guarantee largely the principle availability of our performances in the area of magnetic tape recorder. Particularly we guarantee the availability for the most spare parts of the AEG/Telefunken Tape Recorder.




NAB- hub lock and cine-type spool lock for AEG / Telefunken tape recorder are deliverable again.

We built furthermore ....
.... 1/2" master recorder

We can build 1/2" master recorder based on M15A and M20/M21- equipment





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